Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is once of our core specialties.

We provide tailored insurance solutions for a range of travel insurance programmes.  Our distribution partners include travel agents, tour operators, travel publishers, insurance brokers and sports clubs. We specialise in developing the following travel insurance products for our partner network:

  • Corporate Travel Insurance
  • Leisure Travel Insurance
  • Hostile Territory Travel Insurance

Leading IT Systems

NWC Insurance is at the forefront of e-commerce technology and we extend that to our network partners.  We are able to extend the highly successful NoWorries Insurance e-commerce platform to our network partners in order to white label and / or customise to suit their specific requirements.

Our API technology allows us to interface with any website which can scale to high volume traffic very easily which allows successful online businesses to easily monetise large traffic and data.

Compliance & Training

NWC Insurance are specialists in providing a compliance framework for distribution of general insurance products.   As an AFS Licensee we are able to appoint our partners as:

  • Referrers
  • Distributors; or
  • Authorised Representative

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