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Our team has developed comprehensive insurance programmes for some of the world’s leading sports organisations.  

Our Managing Director, Tony Venning was instrumental in developing insurance solutions for major sporting codes in Australia following the collapse of HIH Insurance in 2002.

This saw the first of many national insurance programmes for National Sporting Organisations such as the Australian Football League, Cricket Australia and Netball Australia to name a few.  Our team has also advised sports associations and bodies around world including Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup, Commonwealth Gamers, Summer Asian Games, The Football Assocation and Formula 1 Motor Racing.

Our services include insurance design and placement for major classes of insurance including Public Liability, Personal Accident, Travel and Associations Liability Insurance.  We provide risk management services which support the insurance placement as well as risk mitigation to ensure participant safety and the future well-being of every sport we work with. Our specialist facilities can accommodate sports public liability and personal accident insurance programmes for both amateur and professional sports.  We provide sports insurance solutions with flexible benefit structures which ensure we can find a solution which meets your needs.  

We also have extensive experience in providing aggregate deductible structures which can be managed by self-retention vehicles or insurer managed self-insurance layers.


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