Manufacturing & Engineering

The Manufacturing & Engineering Industry can present very complex and hazardous risk activities.  It's important to have an insurance advisor that understands your business so an insurance programme can be designed that's specific to you.

Our Approach

We believe in an advisory based approach which means it's critical we get to know your business first and foremost.   Understanding your business and the associated risks is our primary job as your risk advisor and insurance broker.   If we don’t understand your business properly then we can’t place insurance which will properly protect your business. All we ask is that you make the time available to us so that we can do our job properly and protect your hard work.


Protecting Your Manufacturing & Engineering Business


The business activtities within Manufacturing & Engineering are very diverse, as are the business risks which insurance needs to protect.  This means that there is not a one size fits all when it comes to buying a commercial insurance policy for your manufacturing business.  We specialise in advising various manufacturing businesses including:

  • Steel Fabrication & Engineering Services
  • Welding Services
  • Metal Roof and Guttering
  • Construction Material Manufacturing
  • Cabinet Making &  Joinery
  • Shopfitting Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment Manafacturing
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing


What risks are specific to the Manufacturing & Engineering Industry?


As the business activities and work environments vary significantly between each occupation, so do the associated risks.  Generally Fire, Public Liability & Products Liability will always rate highly from a risk hazard rating perspective.  Depending on your businesses specific activities your risk profile can present its own unique challenges.

For instance, if your business performs welding services off site at a customers premises, this would see your public liability exposure increase sharply.  It's important to be able to demonstrate what risk management you have in place in this type of environment to ensure you are able to obtain cost effective insurance. 

Other business activities such as engineering services also present risks which require specific knowledge to design the appropriate insurance solution.  If your business provides design services in addition to manufacturing then you will be deemed to be providing a professional service or advice.  This business activity will require a Professional Indemnity policy to protect your business in the event a third party suffers an injury or financial loss as a result of any advice provided by you.

Key risks which need to be addressed include:

  • Fire & Property Related exposure which can increase significantly depending on the specific business activity and work environment e.g. off-site welding
  • Business Interruption following a major loss and the main manufacturing location.  Particlular attention needs to be paid to the time it would take to resume normal business output following a major loss.
  • Public Liability to third parties as a result of your business activities.  This risk increases significantly where you perform off-site work in less controlled environments.
  • Product Liability to third parties which arise from any product which you manufacture.  As the manufacturer the ultimate liability will fall back to you, therefore it's important your insurance properly addresses this risk.
  • Professional Liability to third parties which arise from any design services which you provide in the process of manufacturing your product.  Typically manufacturing businesses to the construction industry provide a form of design services which needs to be properly insured. This means a thorough understanding of how this advice is provided and whether any third party engineering firm provides final sign off of the design service provided.
  • Machinery Breakdown can present a financial risk if unexpected repair costs impact cashflow.  Consequential Loss from downtime is also a risk which needs to be considered and addressed by a properly constructed insurance programme.
  • Commercial Motor may be a consideration if you have a fleet of vehicles on the road to perform your services and/or deliver your goods. 
  • Goods in Transit whether it be receiving raw materials or delivering finished goods / products is also a risk which needs to considered and managed. 


What types of Insurance are relevant to the Manufacturing & Engineering Industry?


  • Fire & Property Related Exposure
  • Business Interruption
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Commercial Motor
  • Marine Cargo
  • Management Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Cyber Insurance


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